Gesture notes
bergamot, ginger, apple, flower chord

Heart notes
Jowiec, Geranium, Szaci

Base notes
Tonka beans, olibanum, vetocy, amber tree, cedar

Yves Saint Laurent Y perfumed water has a darker bottle and a gboer, aromatic smell.

First, in 2023, the toilet water was created - Wiey, a lavender fragrance for mocz. A year later Yves Saint Laurent will release the perfumed water more concentrated.

Peded with a sodium scent of apple, sharp ginger and dark wood, perfumed water still has the bottom of the first version, but it is much more interesting than it and a lot of reinforcement.

In its interpretation of fern perfumes, it is given to the two characteristic elements of Mska wardrobe YSL: a classic white T -shirt and a iconic black jacket.

How does YVES Saint Laurent y EDP smell?

Perfumed water smells of a juicy apple and shepherds, which are wrapped in yellow and wood database. It is a village, an aromatic smell in which sodium nuances appear.

The composition will create the legendary perfumer Dominique Ropion and Mona J will include as a fern perfume family.

Sodkie and sparkling smell

I like it and juicy opening. The EDP version takes fragrance notes of bergamot and ginger from toilet water and whether they eat with a creamy flower chord and a sodium apple.

Too often, the perfume of Maj Sabe, chemical notes of apple, but here is real stars and smells just delicious.

Aromatic heart notes

The heart y Edp has a really large, herbal smell. Shadz and Jowiec have a very classic character, and Geranium provides a bit of contrast and adds unexpected runs.

A simple, woody base

Talking and a body base was made of beans tonka and wood and jerking chord. Although the composition takes on GBI, thanks to vethymia it still remains.

There is no strong wrapping effect as other fragrances with these notes. During the whole projection time, he maintains the proportions between the aromatic sharpness, soda and GBI wooden.

Yves Saint Laurent y Edp Opinions: Tests after tests

Y is a pleasant composition that is comfortable. It collects a lot of compliments and in the opinion of many OSB is one of the sexiest fragrances in recent seasons.

This is one of those perfumes that fit at each time of the day, in the weather. In the summer, they nail them for the evening, autumn during the day.

These are versatile - fit for work, on randk or simply for what. Because he has some soda in itself, I will be hearty on club floors.

In terms of projection, perfumed water has moderate intensity. It is definitely more common than toilet water, but it is also not a monster. It will be noticeable to your size, but they will not be able to.

A big surprise was perfume for me. The Eau de Toilelette version is o -dotted after a few hours, and this lasts on a Skra over 10 hours (it is a good result to take other perfumed waters that have recently appeared on the market).

Nevertheless, you still have to spray several times to make Mc in Peni enjoy the smell.

Adam Levine Ambassador of the perfume from the Y line

Perfumes y s targeted at the Moczes KOO 30-40 years of life and have a girlfriend of fashion. S for Yves Saint Laurent, the same as Sauvage is for Dior.

An advertising campaign with the popular vocalist Maroon 5 has a gift everything that is about: starting, saw and fast cars.

Adam Levine says : The continuation of the story of y is important to me - from the festive one, she was able to pass with passion and a strong sense of individuality, which creates the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, but what the wanier smell seems suitable for the contemporary generation of Twrcw. "

Is it worth buying Yves Saint Laurent y Eau de Parfum?

Yes, it's worth it.

Perfumed water smells really good. Although you will find similarities to other popular fragrances, it is solidly made and changes on the Skra. It's a simple and modern smell.

Most mzyzes have good opinions about Yves Saint Laurent Y. However, these are not niche perfumes, so for OSB looking for surprising twists and turns, they may be too obvious and a bit boring.

In addition, it is not too bad and the projection does not fail - the smell persists on the Skra through the whole.

If you are looking for a simple and universal perfume, which will be able to get on the time of the year and the staff, ask Yves Saint Laurent y Eau de Parfum.