Paco Rabanne Invictus legend fragrance notes

grapefruit, sea notes, SL sea

Heart note
geranium, laurel, spices

Base note
Red Ambra, a guaifal tree

Paco Rabanne Invictus legend is a mineral and aromatic smell. See reviews, opinions and smell test.

The beautiful and sweating invictus will appear in 2013. The omnipotence offer of the opposing SI, which would bring him a huge popularity. The incarnation of an invincible hero immediately has become an idea for many women and fantasies for many women.

New interpretations appear year after year - toilet waters Invictus Aqua in 2023 and Invictus Intense in 2023. At the end of February 2023, in a hotel in the ninth district of Paris, Paco Rabanne present her new day.

This time it is the Invictus of Legend Eau de Parfum - the composition is even warmer and even more mineral than its predecessors. How does it fall on Skra?

Fragrance notes: How does Paco Rabanne Invictus legend smell like?

Invictus legend smells and sodk a mixture of grapefruit, sea notes and amber. This is sodki, a citrus fragrance with a sonic-proof ocean aroma. It is to the deepening in grown notes and has a solid dose of this son -in -law chord of balloon rubber, of which the first invictus.

Invictus of legend is where the earth was between the soder and the wind, the sea and the sea in the ocean waves and the citrus.

Gesture notes

Invictus legend is intensively sea from the very beginning. Gesture notes
Open yourself with almost electric leaving the ocean waves. Sparkling citruses, add it to him, and bitter grapefruit brings classic colored waters from years ago.

Heart notes

The composition warms up quickly. Heart notes become a hymn of lasw, honey and amber. The smell sheds its sea mouth and completely devotes to Soca rays. Sodki accord gives the heart and base amber and warm GBI.

Base notes

In the blanket we reach the base, which is a swollen amber and a guaia tree. At this stage, the smell begins with the original Invictus, except that legends are more Sony and water.

For the composition of legends, Domitille Bertier and Nicolas Beaulieu - a duo of perfumers who would be responsible for the previous version, Invictus Acqua.

Their composition is a collision of sea accents, metallic sounds and ultra tonw, which reflects the divine strength of the original, but plays much more freely melodi. It is a talk and a more sophisticated version of Invictus. Of all the perfumes in these collection, it seems to be the most mature.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend Reviews: Uprans after tests

Invictus Legend is a mixture of all existing versions.

You can do the senses of the Invictus Intense? The ice rod is offered and aromatic notes of black pepper. After which we lead us in Sodk Gbin Ambroxan, coumarin and amber wood.

There was also the Invictus Acqua version, which smells of powder wood washed by Sone, ocean waves.

Invictus of legend is where these two versions are between these two.

A note of soda, warm amber and wood-spicy base make him to the intense version. However, the chord of Son, sea water will make us feel in this composition Take Czstk Acqua.

In my opinion, legends are a large mineral fragrance than all previous ones. It has a large natural vibration.

I like the fact that it lasts well on the Skra and has a projection back. With a standard application it will be noticeable after 7-8 hours.

Nick Youngquest as Divine Invictus

Since the birth of the rock Black Xs, Paco Rabanne fashion house has been playing our dreams, personifying them in the ads of its perfumes.

One Million turns us into a millionwa, who on the snap finger get everything. In turn, Invictus, with one gesture, becomes the god of the stadium.

ADVERTISEMENT Invictus Legend takes us to the world, where the athlete is the god of the god, a damp of seducers and a demon of sports settlements. He embodies Mski's dream in its pure form. The Franois Rousselet camera is desert, where Invictus (Nick Youngquest) sits behind the wheel of a great, horned motorbike. Once again without a T -shirt and once again with impressive muscles.

From the match at the Greek-Roman pitch ( the first Invictus ) to the high chariot in the desert: to the rhythm of Power Kanye West BG Invictus will lead us to success!

Is it worth buying Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend Eau de Parfum?

Invictus legend is a fragrance for the opportunity. His ocean -rally with a sodium chord will be suitable for what and for the evening, to work and to meet friends.

Although, in my opinion, these perfumes will work best in spring and summer, certainly those who will like them will like them in autumn and warmer days of winter.

It's a pleasant smell and I am convinced that it will gain a huge popularity. This is one of those compositions that always gathers duo compliments and wakes up the surroundings. There is nothing difficult, and strange about it. The price of Invictus legend is a bit niche niche during the premiere, which is a big plus.

However, it is wrong for OSB, which has an Invictus Intense collection, legends can be a good purchase. These perfumes do not grow enough to buy a new version.