In this ranking you will find only the most beautiful perfumes with the smell of fish for women.

This is the princes to talk to her and she is considered a dwelling of flowers . The most beautiful in color, smell, form or even taste.

Although you have known her since childhood and it seems to you that you can't expect anything new from her, the perfume based on it may surprise you. Even more so, if it is woven into other fragrance notes that contrast with it or have it.

Speech, of course, about ry.

The first ray of Greek mythology blooms in a place where a drop of blood of Aphrodite decreases on earth - the goddess of Mioci, Pikna and Kwiatw. It would happen when Aphrodite, ride in the arms of your lover, cuts in stop.

Perfumes with the smell of ry s of one of the more picnic perfumes you can find. Give them a chance and with me the best smells of ZR .

10 best perfumes with the smell of ry

1. Chloe Roses de Chloe

The best perfumes with the smell of ry

The Note of the Ry is the hallmark of Chloe, from the visited version of Chloe Eau de Parfum from 2008. While the mentioned smell would be clean, polite and Uoons, Roses de Chloe is a more natural, food performance of this flower.

The composition used summer varieties of Damascus, which blooms only once a year. It is so narcotic that at times you can be impressed that we move to the fields of Rw Syria.

The initial Ra is seasoned bergamot and lychee, the wild smell has a wild smell.

In the heart or from magnoli and wood and turns into an elegant ladies with a warm nature. In the base, however, she is accompanied by Pimo, and the composition becomes more soapy, at the height of Eau de Parfum.

Roses de Chloe expect many surprises. These perfumes change depending on the weather and temperature. When he is more conservative, he is a lot of soda at some temperature.

2. Givenchy very irresistible 2005

Korzenna Ra in spring and summer

Givenchy describes very irresistible as an irrational composition, which is like a meeting of a French style and elegance with American spontaneousness.

Eau de Parfum presents Anyow R, which is very similar to the original version of Vera Irresistible from 2003.

To her, however, the Czubat Yk of Vanilla and the Patchouli Gar, which obtains a sensual romance with orient.

Vanilla is not a nut of fragrances, it often takes perfumes on MDE and indigestible territory. However, Eau de Parfum is a harmonious composition, and the fluffy note of soda only adds velvet wealth.

The biggest problem of these perfumes is the bottle. And I don't mean that he's wrong with him. It's about its color.

Very Irresistible from the beginning of the WOK. When the next versions appear, it is really difficult to get to the one that is KTR, because their colors are very similar, and graphic designers sometimes like to overdo it with saturation and shade.

The photo that uyam comes from the official website and is closest to the original.

3. LANCME Midnight Rose

Raspberry rare lost in the world of romance

Everyone knows one women who are beautiful, although he is not trying and has a good heart despite the fact that they are red when you make her about it.

Women who have the courage and when she sees that who is hurting, will defend him. Even if it had unpleasantness.

Midnight Rose perfumed water is not a fragrance that enslaves the senses, has erotic associations and will go down in the history of perfumery.

On the other hand, he has something to be able to know what to know as soon as you play the first notes.

In this composition, the conservative fragrance note was combined with sodk and a lot of raspberry girls.

The contrast of this duo brings me wrong the title heroines of the series Grace and Frankie. Although they are divided by everything, in a duet, it is output.

The smell will be perfect for more vast days, when the weather outside the window sits only to stay throughout the whole.

4. Sisley Isia

Perfumes with the smell of fish for women like a classic

If I have described this perfume in one, I will probably choose vibrations due to the pepper, Aldehydv and Rigel fragrance notes.

My second association with this smell is funny citruses. Because they are the dominant in this composition. Only the kocky smell of the fish in the heart is able to get them sharply.

GWN, the figures of these perfumes are of course ra. It is a remote raid, because it comes from the private garden of Izabela and Hubert Dornano - Sisley swacciers.

This time it occurs as a very extensive, classic fragrance and as for this marriage - to the borders luxurious.

Despite his extraordinary beauty, this is not a fragrance that I will choose for myself. It's too mature for me. Tell that I'm not ready for this R.

An interesting fact is that the bottle of this perfumed water designed Bronisaw Krzysztof, which inspires nature - water, changing the stone.

The rzebiarz is repeatedly working with Mark Sisley, though the Eau du Soir and Flakon Eau D'Arar bottle in the design of the traffic jam for perfumes.

5. Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum

Pimowa Ra is a new fragrance signature

The first perfumes from the for Her line were packed in a black bottle. Miękkie Pimo was brought in them with a slightly powder flower of African Fire and the narcotic Osmantus. A sensual composition is swelling with the hearts of millions of women in all you know.

Two years later, the Narciso Rodriguez fashion house will release another wonder. This time Pimo was entwined with heavens R, Earter Paczul and Sodki Misz Brzoskwini.

This start seems to me even more intimate and bodily. For Her Eau de Parfum, it blends in well with SKR and creates a SPJN one with its natural smell. It is never too intense, and on the Skra it persists through the whole.

If you are looking for the smell of Ry, which will be your signature, this composition is perfect. Especially for winter months, it is a thick sweater and a valued mouth.

6. Kenzo Flower by Kenzo

Perfumes with the smell of ry for a modern woman

When he has modern perfumes, I don't always have to confuse women's smells in recent years.

Often, older icons of perfumery have more modern modernities, not the most premieres. I am wrong here, though CKO One, Coco Mademoiselle, and above all the flower by Kenzo.

I am going to be a beautifully released an imaginary flower that will grow in the very center of the metropolis. The smell is to reflect the emotions of the accompanying of the modern life in the city with his cosmopolitanism, modernity and style.

Analyzing the next stages of the projection, we may conclude that everything that is happening in Flower by Kenzo has been bored with the powder heat of Fioc. Its characteristic smell is primarily used by Ry.

Its smell is devoted to a different way, we are used to it - there is no rolling food. It is felt as if for mg powder and balsamic soda.

At the end, vanilla, Kadzido and Pimo, stick the teddy bear flap, turning flower by Kenzo into a carefully formed flower, which does not resemble any known by nature.

7. Christian Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Flourish bouquet of ry and peony

If you have romantic souls, but at the same time you can't give up the sophisticated elegance, you don't have to look for a perfume where on a blanket of the world.

Your two natures, you can freely in one of the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet from Christian Dior.

The composition has two poles. One of them is a great man of Damascus and Pimo. This duo has been creating a great smell of peen class and a sin for centuries.

The second one was built of a girl's peonies, a sparkling mandarin and juicy mish peach and apricots.

The smell of perfumes resembles flowers in the morning. On the one hand, it is elegant, on the other, he keeps an eye to everyone from the world.

8. Balenciaga Florabotanica

The most RA in perfumes

Florabotanica perfumes for women represent the main adventure of the Balenciaga fashion house - to make it beautiful, he must retain the right proportions.

The beginning of the composition has piquancy citrus, but it is a very fashionable fragrance, roller fruit. After a while, Zioowa myth appears.

Already after a quarter of an hour you will feel on your Skra R Turkish and a flash.

Flameal notes of flowers are served in a modern, sparkling style. Their smell, although the intensive ruling, is mixed with champagne burs. Even for a moment it does not allow the composition to play a vintage melody.

Florabotanica was created for all fashion women who treat women's perfumes with more reserves than their mother and grandmothers. This is also reflected in the design of the bottle, which or school and plastic, but also minimalism with support.

I love Florabotanic. He can use these perfumes at each time of the year.

9. Giorgio Armani S

Sodka ra with blackcurrant for special occasions

Women for whom Giorgio Armani creates is always strong, independent and have an unforced class in themselves. Just like them, women's perfumes are charismatic.

Their presence in this ranking may seem unexpected, because the composition focuses around the blackcurrant, vanilla and patchouli. However, it is a trade, and in the subsequent frequency, it allows you to include the output fragrances.

It is so rich and fruity, he can imagine it in the form of a soufflé.

When for a moment you wonder if this is not a fragrance for a fashion girl in a soda dress, S changes in the wounds of dwarf.

The smell becomes powder, gboki and pimowy - it is suitable for an adult woman who knows how to wear backless dresses. It's a great, wound perfume for autumn and winter.

10. Dolce Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa

The best perfumes zon for what work

Dolce Rosa Excelsa is a fragrance that is not good. This is a wonderful wounds for the Summer Pene Soca.

When spraying, you will first feel the outlet smell of papaya and neroli flower. The opening is full of energy, soda and summer carefree.

The heart surrenders cautiously, the wild has a chance to show her drug face. Two species were used in the composition - Dzik Rir Turkin.

Her accompanying of the fragrance notes of water lilies and narcissus, lightly to a stuffed, wounded smell.

Wild wood accents and a pimous smell creates the senses of Aur Ciep and clean, which you will feel in the base.

Dolce Rosa Excelsa is a Flanker Dolce and I admit that the similarity between the two compositions is undeniable.

What perfumes with the smell will be the best for you?


Ra with fruit not only gains piquancy, but also a soda. Scented notes of raspberries, blackcurrant make it more soda and hypnotizing. In turn, citrus Ra takes on life and has a lot of economic optimism.


Ra, in a couple with other flowers, will smell of the funnel or more intensively.

Peony will add her lightly and a girl innocence. Lily of the valley and narcissus, add even more about the narcotic power. In contrast, the fragrance notes of magnolia, freesia, a frost flower or neroli will reduce its GBI and add elegance.


Mature women strongly offer sharp ends from. Rane perfumes take a particular word when an anna or ditches pepper. These fragrance notes Add spice and perfectly work in the evening.

Woody and pimowe

Fragile notes of zander and cashmere trees give the body. Cydr can be threatened and will add acidic aroma.

Pimo, however, is great whether a si can give her a sense of cleaning or will make her smell even more teddymist. Woody wood, as well as Pim chords, add Ry GBI.

History of ry in perfumes

The perfume with the smell of ry is made of mixing Nonik, such as denatured alcohol, and wound oil.

Production of natural fragrance and ethereal oils can run in RNY, and depending on the selected method we get another result.

Thus, wound oil can be created as a result of steam distillation of the PatkW Ryal, PatkW extraction in the solvent, extractic extractic extraction.

There are also over 300 chemicals that can be used by perfumes.

For the production of perfumes, the most often used is Damascus, Stulista, Turkish and Buggarian, slightly less often tea.

These species are cultivated in Syria, but also in Turkey, Morocco and Bugaria - in the son of the R. valley.

The Ry's fragrance note works perfectly with all fragrance families. It fits perfectly with oriental, wood, citrus or other flowers.

Enjoying such great recognition, it is a fantastic fragrance to its lovers. Despite the majesty, he can also change his face under the company of the Society.

As soon as you appreciate and give her a chance, you will definitely find a smell that will stay with TOB forever.

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