See the best perfume under the Christmas tree for women and marshes, which will be an ideal gift for your dear.

Finding the perfect perfume under the Christmas tree can usually be more of the switch or funny, so it's worth a few simple rules.

If you buy perfumes for measures of the dearest family or best friend / friend , you probably know their character and life mode to well - in this case you can choose the more reversed perfumes for special occasions.

However, choosing perfumes for the person you can't say too much, buy what is more fun, which you like.

And if you buy a fragrance for your mioci , you have a rat: choose what is sexy, which can get out of you.

In this ranking I gather new, but these lively classics for women and marshes. You can buy them individually or as a gift set.

Without where you are looking for a gift for, see what fragrances are worth the gifts.

The best perfume under the Christmas tree

1. Yves Saint Laurent Libre

Women's perfumes for: your woman, sisters, cries or friends

New perfumes from 2023 from Yves Saint Laurent S really elegant. Perfect perfectly to modern women who you see dressed in a well -tailored suit, sensual dresses, and sometimes in Mouse Minnie Mouse or sports tracksuits.

Libre smells of a mixture of cream white flowers, sodium vanilla and sharp lavender. Ambra and Pimo in the database Add the composition of Sony, the animal character and blend in with the Skr.

Mona wears them during the day - fit for work, but those for less official occasions.

After this perfume under the Christmas tree to a woman who is not afraid of expressing her opinion and consider her to be reversed. There is energy and enthusiasm not only in the company of friends, but also at work.

2. Volume Ford Ombre Leather

Unisex perfume for: your cany or your woman

Ombre Leather S created for women and minese, who on the one hand values ​​modern, on the other love the classic.

The smell of perfume is great. He keeps a rwnight between the gbokim chord and sodium and creamy notes of Jamin and Ambra. The wild composition is not too sharp or too harsh.

It will work during autumn and winter frost - both during the day, as well as for the evening. Besides, it's a very luxurious perfume.

After these perfumes under the Christmas tree, a person who always knows how to behave and what he says, examples of remarks to details and values ​​high quality products. It has high standards - it requires a lot of himself and others.

3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Women's perfumes for: your woman, mother, grandmother, cries or sisters

Coco madmoiselle is always a good choice, if it's about a gift perfume. Everyone loves her smell, because there is cieps, floral and sodas. Is linen, Paczul Zioow that he knows the wrapper, elegant ri sodk vanilla.

Fits all women who love experimental from mod. He likes large hats, unusual glasses, a handbag intriguer, shoes that tear shoes.

Although Mademoiselle is the perfect perfume for spring and auto, it is upset for special occasions at each time of the year. It has this starting and a large projection, so one bottle is enough for ever.

After this perfume under the Christmas tree to a woman who is cheerful, spontaneous illubs pays attention. He talks, but he doesn't worry about the future and will not dissolve the past.

4. Dior Homme Intense

Mskie perfumes for: your can

Homme inteure is a perfume that you want to give your work under the Christmas tree. S sensitive, but not in a vulgar way. It is a fragrance for a dentelmen, an intelligent and interesting world that knows what he wants in life.

Warm notes of wood, powder iris and pear sodki are combined with lavender, aromatic Ambrette and Ostr Vicyti. The perfumes of one side of one side and cozy, on the other strong and mskie ... very sexy.

Give them a young man, who is a strategic mischievous person with imagination and values ​​privately. Usually he does not pay attention to himself, but it is all about advice to him.

5. Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Women's perfumes for: your woman

Good girl perfumes in Peni, suggest your eccentric packaging. He is a playboy, a dreamer who does not care about what others are wrong.

The composition is loudly reflecting the idea of ​​fragrance - it brings out the darker soda tuberose, cocoa and coffee. GSTE fragrance notes wrapped in a delicate fluff of almond, vanilla and zander, wild, which perfumes are never too tight or crumbling.

It's the perfect smell for long evenings at rallies. And although he calls himself 'the good of the girls', I have the impression that he is not afraid from time to time. If you want to learn more, read my reviews and opinions about Good Girl .

After these perfumes under the Christmas tree, a woman who is known for her like that she likes spontaneously arrives or staggers. Like no one else, he can use the moment and is happy about small things.

6. Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend

Perfumes Mskie for: your Chopak, brother, son, nephew/sister or friend

Invictus of legend is expressive, wiey and sodki, smells of the heating up soce. or the smell of sea salt, water and amber. It is the best choice for Modych Moczes before 40.

His oceanic rally with a sodium chord will be suitable for the prison of the year, for what and for the evening, to work, at the Sierownia and to meet with friends. This is one of those compositions that always gathers duo compliments and wakes up the surroundings.

After this perfume under the Christmas tree, which is calm and does not like conflicts. He tries to see a glass in Pen and finds a together with Kadyy, whom he will meet.

Invictus legend is a flanky of Invictus toilet water , which is still one of the best -selling Mskian perfumes.

7. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo

Perfumes Mskie for: Your Móznia, Brother, Dad, Grandfather or Uncle

Acqua di Gio Profumo symbolizes GBI and the intensity of the Rzdziem Sea. He interprets the moment when the sea waves crash on Skaach.

These Mskie perfumes cz mineral naval notes from Gorzk Bergamotk, smoke incense and seductive Paczul. The wild composition wild ago takes on an aromatic, oriental character, but it still remains.

Profumo is a flanky of the classic ACqua di Gio toilet water. However, he is a large, more current and more sophisticated than his older brother.

After this perfume under the Christmas tree, which is peen empathy and devoted to the family and the group of the most brisk friends. Although at the beginning it can be somewhat uncertain in the strangers, he has a nature of nature and likes entertains company.

8. Gucci Bloom set

Women's perfumes for: your woman, mothers, Crki, Grandma, Sister, Aunt or Friends

Is there any better than finding perfume under the Christmas tree? Yes, the discovery, the packaging hid three gifts!

This gift set hides three floral perfumes - Bloom EDP, Bloom Acqua di Fiori and Bloom Nettare di Fiori - in bottles with a capacity of 30 ml.

Prefum water Bloom is a start of tuberose and jamin. The Acqua di Fiori toilet water is a bit more and more green - he focuses on bitter galbanum and honeysuckle soda. The Nettare di Fiori perfumed water mixes both previous compositions and in a bouquet of white flowers slightly emphasizes the role of honeysuckle.

Everyone from these fragrances is universal and suitable for staff. Perfumed waters are slightly more intense, and the toilet water is a bit more, so combined together perfectly.

This gift set will most enjoy women who loves classic floral fragrances. He has a calm character, he is creating and can see pikno even in ordinary things. There is a romantic souls who often are in his mistakes.

9. Chloe nomade set

Women's perfumes for: your woman, sisters, cries, mothers, grandmother, aunt or friends

Nomade is the perfect gift perfume for women of each age. Their skip-flowering smell is described as the spirit of the adventure, which will sweat distant horizons and inspiring meetings.

Composition or woody nutrition notes of dbowy moss with sodki mirabelles and crests. She is quite long felt on Skra, but it never smells intense. He will be good at work and during weekends outside the city.

In the gift set you will find a CIA milk with a capacity of 100 ml and two perfumed water - a large 75 ml bottle and 5 ml miniatures (ideal for a purse).

This is the best Christmas gift for a woman who has heat in person and can dry. On the other hand, it is a wind manager - I will make sure that the task was to be completed. He is a spokesman for tradition and order.

10. Versace eros set

Perfumes Mskie for: Your Móznia, Brother, Son or Friend

Eros is sodki, hit and likes to live on the edge. It contains mixture of vanilla fragrances, tonka beans and ethylomalto (it smells like cotton candy). You can smell the smell of myths, lemon and green apple.

Eros is not an office type, he puts a particularly involved in important business meetings. It works for it in the evenings and in the time of more vague temperatures. It smells of the ruling and is stretched.

In the set you will find grenades of the Versace beautician and two EROS toilet waters - one with a capacity of 100 ml, the second 10 ml.

This is the best Christmas gift for the mocket, which is energetic, perceptive and intelligent. He has an intense life style and likes to be in the cyclone's eye. His well -known mantra is 'rules are to make them ama'.

11. Jimmy Choo for Women Set

Women's perfumes for: your woman, sisters, Crki, niece/niece

Jimmy Choo's perfumed water is a fruit-piston fragrance made of pears and will be afraid in opening, orchids in the heart and toffee in hand with Paczul in the base. The first impression is juicy, but after a few minutes there are darker fragrance notes that add a dimension composition and zooni.

It's intense, sodium perfume, perfect for auto and winter. It is better to wear it in the evening or for what.

In the set you will find two perfumed waters Jimmy Choo for Women - 100 ml and 7.5 ml - and a 100 ml CIA milk.

This is the best Christmas gift for a woman who is ywioowa, spontaneousness and loves experimental and changes her surroundings. You know in a colorful, sensual one, constantly looking for inspiration.

12. Hugo boss boss bottled set

Perfumes Mskie for: Your Móznia, Brother, Dad, Uncle or Grandfather

In the set you will find three fragrances with a capacity of 30 ml - Boss Bottled, Boss Bottled Infinite and Boss Bottled Tonic.

The greenish boss Bottled is a reason for the most popular perfumes of all time. The composition of vanilla of green apple and cinnamon is just as soda as aromatic. It has a lot of elegance, but it allows you to feel free.

The navy blue boss Bottled Infinite is again from 2023. It is more herbal than a green version - it contains shit, lavender and rosemary. Initially classic, it takes a really interesting direction over time.

Bkitny boss Bottled Tonic is an extremely village, a citrus fragrance that will work during the greatest authorities. It smells like a clean, white shirt.

Three compositions with a different character perfectly complemented by the wardrobe of the móz in each age. Fit with business meetings, but this vacation. S Case for the prison of the year.

This is the best Christmas gift for the mocket, which is independent, rational and determined. He values ​​precision and loves challenges. He likes to know new places and people, but it is at work that most of his time.

13. Versace crystal noir set

Women's perfumes for: your woman, mother, aunt, sister or friends

Crystal Noir is one of the most beautiful fragrances from Versace. He wraps you a fragrance of clouds like a favorite winter scarf. This is not a perfume for parties, but for Saturday dinner with loved people. Maa, a charming restaurant in an old worship of the city, a romantic film, a long walk over the rivers ...

The composition begins with a ginger, pepper and cardamom trio. Her floral heart sounds notes of cream gardenia, peonies and a soda coconut. The base is a calpa, made of zander, balsamic Ambra and Pima.

The gift set contains two Crystal Noir toilet waters - a 90 ml bottle and a stylish 10 ml atomizer - and a numerous to -green cosmetician.

This is the best perfume under the Christmas tree for a woman who is on the one hand quiet and calm, on the other, stubborn and ready tirelessly fights for her beliefs. Although he is considered to be, sometimes he likes to withdraw and wolts a few days in loneliness.

Searching for perfumes for the most glossy, often of us are headed to the shopping center, and then it is between PKi in perfumeries, providing the wrists of sellers. Ultimately, he chooses fragrances because of the most -ranging packaging and unfortunately he does not always match the person who has the recipient.

This guide will help you avoid this scenario.

Wild fragrances from this ranking you will find the best perfumes for a Christmas tree adapted to each person who you have on your vitual leaf.

Ho ho ho!

Do you have proven smells on the greets? What gifts do you usually choose for the Christmas tree? Share the opinion in the comment!

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