MIDAY, Coffee, Lemon, Bergamot

Heart note
Jamin large, tuberose, iris, ra, the flower will be afraid

Base note
cocoa, bb tonka, vanilla, zander tree, praline, cinnamon patchouli, amber, pimo

'How good with' - Carolina Herrera's Good Girl perfume is a fragrance born of argument.

Good girl perfumed water is one of the most successful compositions of recent years. It is at the forefront of all bestseller lists and loves millions of women in all you know. I belong to this group.

What makes this fragrance so successful?

Can this Cinderella effect? An overly high heel is high aspirations of social prestige, you can even fantasy about dominance.

And it can because instead of dividing, the gang of Mioniczek Flowers and Team Sodkoci? Dziki ago in one fragrance you can enjoy the elegance of white flowers and an explorer mikkoci almdaw, chocolate cocoa, vanilla, praline ...

Without what you expect from Good Girl, trust me, it's really worth it.

What does Carolina Herrera Good Girl Edp smell like?

Good girl from the very beginning to the blanket smells intoxicating tonk beans. Sometimes it is interspersed with bright notes of Jamin and Tuberose, other times the bitterness of chocolate cocoa. This is an oriental and flower perfume with the addition of Gourmand chord. The author of the fragrance is Louise Turner .

Mikka soda in opening

Good girl opens the sodk of almond clouds and the energizing smell of coffee grains. The first one will touch the flowers, the wild composition is on one side of Mikka and Sodka, on the other it has a delicate, rolinn.

The heart of the fragrance is a bouquet of white flowers

The heart of Good Girl is the wonderful smell of white flowers - Jamin and Tuberose. Jamin, large -legged, presents its most creamy face, he is responsible for the elegant sides of the smell.

Tuberose shows carefree, a delightful face. Sometimes it has a note of narcotic soda, but on the fact that he adds a slightly composition and a sparkling character.

A dessert base is a feast for Asuchw

Good girl hides all the delicacies in the base - cocoa, pralines, vanilla. There is also the ubiquitous BB Tonka. However, the most surprising turned out to be zander, which makes the base not eat, but very powder.

Some fragrance notes can appear unannounced and also disappears quickly. On my Skra, cocoa appears in the heart and surprisingly smells good with tuberoz.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Opinions: Tests after tests

Good girl perfumes to intense, but never pass. S hellly durable. On my Skra, you stick to over 12 hours and even after this time will be felt for OSB, which I talk to.

Because Good Girl belongs to the expressive and wrapping fragrances, I definitely recommend this perfume for winter and autumn.

It is a perfect choice for important events, elegant evenings and dating. During the day, it is raised with sweaters and adds a claw to elegant stylizations. There is no limit.

You will find some similarity to the Black Opium , but in no case it is not a copy of this smell. Good girl is less rock'n'rollowa, and more cozy and elegant (but not as much as La Vie Est Belle ).

It's the perfect perfume for women who want Gourmand smell in a more floral and less soda version.

The bottle is very easy to use. You don't have to open anything or discount. Light cut the atomizer trigger makes magic happening.

Karlie Kloss about Good Girl

It is not that I have a lot of bastards in me, but I love the spirit of this smell and celebration of duality.

I like it, one side is an elegant, penna woman with a sophisticated style who sets new trends but when you get to know her, you realize that she has these dark sides.

I think that dualism is characteristic of many women. This is a feature with which we can identify without age. I can definitely. - Mars Karlie Kloss in an interview with Savoir Flair .

Perfume like a high heel shoe

This pin is not a Cinderella slipper, she seductively heads towards the Upper East Side district in Manhattan on the wildlife of events until the very morning.

Initially, the eccentric Good Girl bottle is controversial - considered to be the essence of kitsch. However, when the first emotions of rainfall, it turns out that it not only catches the eye, but it is really made.

I like the details. This is a complicated design, and everything in it is perfectly matched. Even the atomizer blends in with the design and appearance naturally.

The starting of the navy blue skew from Zot Szpilk draws your eyes immediately. This is by far the most eccentric, strange, but also output bottle of perfume in my collection.

It is worth mentioning that EW 2024 will be perfumes for the Good Girl, which are sold in a bottle in the shape of Byskawica.

Is it worth buying Carolina Herrera Good Girl?

It's definitely worth it! Good Girl is one of Carolina Herrera's best perfumes. Delight me on many fronts.

First of all, it's an interesting smell . We have really many sodium perfumes on the market, but this one is slightly different from the others. It is more elegant, he is not looking for attention. In addition, it is made of the compatible of the largest quality and smells great from the beginning to the blanket.

Secondly, it is lasting . These perfumes are never rolled. If you nail them in the morning, you will feel them at night. On clothes, I sometimes sense them even after washing. He doesn't like he wearing a perfume in a purse, so DUA is a big plus for me.

If you like delicate and women, it is not a perfume for you. However, if sometimes you feel like a rich composition that will give you your senses and bastards, go after Good Girl and have fun.