Beyonce Heat Rush Fragrance notes

Red W "

Heart note
Orchid, hibiscus, mango flower

Base note
amber, pimo, teke tree

Disappointment. He can describe my beyonce heat rush eau de Toilette perfumes with this SOW.

In my opinion, this fragrance is a complete Poraka, because it is very chemical. However, he must admit that he smells of holiday. Mixing tropical fruit with oriental flowers smells cosmetic and can be associated with shampoos and pyns to Kpiela.

Celebrity perfumes are always a controversial subject WRD perfumoholikw. Some do not like them for the principle, others like, but do not admit it. They are also those who keep the mind open and search for the best pereki. For me, heat perfumed water was such a discovery.

When Rush came to the world, I was really very curious what Beyonce is mixing this time. Unfortunately not

Beyonce Heat vs Beyonce Heat Rush

As part of the preparation for writing this review of Heat Rush, for one wrist Nayyam Beyonce Heat and to the other Heat Rush. And so I get them from time to time - S radically. Nothing of these perfumes.

Beyonce Heat is a beautiful smell: on the one hand, predate, on the other. or juicy peach with a creamy wood chord. It is natural and is perfectly on the Skra. This is one of my favorite perfumes for auto.

Heat Rush is to the bone marrow of the cat, from the very beginning of the projection to the blanket itself. The atmosphere of the fragrance is not a lot of autumn. Here they were targeted at the holiday period and a feeling of cleanly.

How does Beyonce Heat Rush toilet water smell?

Heat Rush is a juicy and innocent smell. The opening is intensively fruity and and this fruity tone also remain another worship of the projection. I do not sense too many floral notes, it is wise and wine remain in the spotlight.

It is difficult to develop compositions here, because on my Skra it is for Blu linear. The most intense is the fragrance note of passion and red .

This is the last one ago in the unforgettable smell of Hugo Boss Deep Red and makes me a thunderous impression on me. Unfortunately, Rush will not repeat this phenomenon.

Where in the background flicker these flowers and it can actually be hibiscus and orchid. However, it is not that this orchid is known for the Calvin Klein Euphoria .

This is a belt, cheap and chemical. In turn, mango flower, teke tree, Ambra, she is not noticeable.

Beyonce Heat Rush reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit?

This is a good product for really fashion girls . You will definitely work during the holiday sets. There is not even a gram of senses here, so he can easily use it even to school.

I think that teenagers could have a lot of fun with perfumes signed with the name of the international star. Take them into account of their low prices and at a time, this is a gift idea.

I have a bujn imagination, but I can imagine the adult women who choose this smell . Shahly for meetings with other people at work - no matter what Zawd performs. For fruit and tropical chords, offer a slightly better Escada perfume.

Heat Rush Edt is not durable , but it is rather the norm for such fleeting fragrances. On my Skra, the smell lasts only 4 hours, and after two it is noticeable up close. Beyonce's first perfumes a bit better result.

Their projection is normal - for the first hours, it is felt by the distance of the size, then slowly dim. Two hours after application , you stay close to Skra .

Fruit and floral chords are best to work during the dark season.

Although I consider these perfumes for a misunderstanding, other women around my surroundings often define them as a carefree smell for the summer , cheap perfumes for what day, composition to improve mood.

However, each of them agrees, ES a bit kitschy and very predictable.

Oglna rating: Is Sodki the smell of Beyonce Heat Rush Edt for you?

My medium rating is very low. Although it is toilet water and the can be a shame on the smell , even with this approach the result is poor.

The problem is that there is nothing here. Section Sodkie Women's Perfumes on PKi Drogeria and perfumery is so extensive, Ew the same price you will find the masses of better fragrances. I do not recommend these perfumes to anyone.

If you are PRB, finding on a celebrity pc - stay away from this smell. But with a clear conscience you can recommend the first version of Heat. She is delicious!

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Without the extent on whether you share my opinion or confuse the soup differently, share your opinion and add a comment .

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