On this lithium you will find all the types of Giorgio Armani perfumes. See which match the most.

The Armani fashion house is a lot of beautiful fragrances. Each of them reminds us of the wax roots of the brand.

The perfumes are also created in 2013, I am enhanced by a modern feminine hub with temperament.

A bright and charismatic composition has become one of the best visits to the brand.

A great commercial success will cause that a year by year, the S line is complicated by subsequent versions. Until 2023 we have them and 17!

In this number you can get lost, so I will decide to create a letter.

From the classic S to the latest S Fiori - see all types of Armi S perfume .


S (2013)

S represents charismatic women

Perfumed water is a delightful smell. She was created with my mistake about a charismatic woman who wants to show the world who she is. It is characterized by typical wax elegance - expressive and noble.

S is reminiscent of a sorceress - on the one hand mysteries and subtle, on the other, not without temperament. It is an invitation to express your freedom.

Appetizing fruit chip

Smaniego is an intense smell that can be included in the popular group Fruity Chypre.

It opens and the feisty aroma of the PKW blackcurrant. In the next time we are hypnotized by the sensitivity of vanilla.

Her feminine character confirm the fragrance notes of freesia and May.

S EDP closes solid bases built of patchouli, amber, wood and pima. He has a Stoic SPOKJ and animal instinct.

S Intense (2023)

S intense is even more sophisticated

Although the first are very elegant, in 2023 Armani will decide to emphasize their aesthetics even more.

The new version is directed to a woman of strong and full passion. S Intense seems to bring additional doses of courage to our daily.

S Intense is the smell of independence and you will be sure. He curves to cross the borders and stimulates the ambitious lifting of the bar.

Even more of the chip

The specific nature of the first composition from the S line acquires even greater intensity.

S Intense opens the aroma of blackcurrant and gooseberry. Note notes of mandarins and bergamot slightly sound in the background, emphasizing the fragrance.

The heart note S Intense is developing the Essence of the Ry, elaborate in a bitter flower.

Wild, great, exotic vanilla in the base enriched with wood notes and paczul, s becomes the smell of the peny sonic joy.

S White (2023)

- VITE LIMITED Edition -

Limited edition for Winter Nieyce

Released to the market here before the Witami of the Holy Night and the New Year, S White was locked in a white bottle with zoty details.

Mleczno white schools seems to be assigned to silvery Niem, which puts a good time in a wet mood and seems to be a perfect choice for a gift.

Although the composition does not grow from the classic version, the collectors appreciated the winter bottle, and the perfume will disappear with PEK in the dizzying TPE.

S Eau de Toilelette (2023)

The smell of my mistakes with the warm days of spring

The Armani Fashion House usually presents us with a picture of a tight woman. The previous two fragrances from the S s gste line and it seems more suitable for sot and winter for summer.

Therefore, in 2023, the Armani fashion house will enrich the collection with a significant toilet water.

As a result, we received a spring fragrance, perfect for a joyful and energetic woman.

S eau de Toilelette is a new revelation

S Eau de Toilelette is a more frequent and fruity fragrance nor classic s and an intense version.

Toilet water leaves the aroma of a juicy pear. Her accompanies her two citruses - mandarin and bergamot - give a composition of intensive runs.

Frezia and ran in the heart that is highlighted in your sonic. The fragrance base remains similar to the first S. creates a slightly more floral bouquet.

S Golden Bow (2023)

- VITE LIMITED Edition -

Limited edition with ZOT BOD

In order for him to celebrate the Magi of Holy Birth 2023, the B bottle is decorated with elegant, zot.

The Golden Bow composition begins with chords of Sicilian bergamot, mandarin oil and blackcurrant leafie.

In the heart of the composition we will find a floral bouquet of Egyptian Jamin, Ry and Neroli. However, the base is warm notes of patchouli, Ambra, Pima and tasty vanilla.

Golden Bow smells very similar to the first S. Its composition is additionally emphasized with a bouquet of fragrances and an aromatic, warm smell of wood and amber.

S Huile de Parfum (2023)

Perfumed oil with pre -stretch

Golden Bow is not the only premiere from the S 2023 line. Huile de Parfum will appear in the early age - Oil version S.

Because it is very concentrated, you will only need four drops to keep the smell on the Skra through the whole day.

You can add these oil to your favorite body lotion, I will go a few drops to the mock or tame it directly on the wales.

You can do it as bases and naoy on him other compositions of Giorgio Armani S. In this way you will create your unique fragrance cocktail.

Intensive Black Currant, Freesia and Ry

Perfumes s huile de parfum s non -alcoholic and wild do not dry the skra. Pick up roller oils - macadamia, argan and almid, which helps a beautiful smell on the Skra.

If it's about the composition itself, it resembles S Intense. It was built around blackcurrant, freesia, vanilla, patchouli, amber and cream wood. However, she is more intense than her.

S Rose Signature (2023)

S rose signature is feminine

The 2023 Rose Signature retains the definite character of the classic S, but at the same time it is more poetic than the existing versions.

The smell develops around the flower of the Primadonn women's perfume: Ry.

The tied silk lattice the bottle looks great on promotional materials, but in fact it looks quite cheap. It's a pity, because the whole composition is really pleasant.

Armani adores r

By dominating the notes of the fragrances of the composition S rose signature is Ra. The smell contains two varieties: R Mayow IR Turkish.

Empty them of the notes of bergamot and mandarin in the heart. Their and slightly adds to them. The powder iris was added, which makes the smell more fluffy.

In the finale of Cao, the animal's wild smell of Pima in a vanilla and paczul.

S le Parfum (2023)

The most luxurious perfume from the whole line S

In Le Parfum, everything is perfect - from the composition to the packaging.

This time, the cork is made of a siek, which makes the whole bottle quite cut. The color of the perfume is more saturated and resembles a shared amber.

The bottle is closed in a bag with a bag with the inscription 'S Giorgio Armani'. Its dirty RU shaft is the same as the color of the Pudzeka.

My favorite version of the perfume from the S line

S le Parfum sometimes smells warm, at other times it resembles the best wine.

Ambra, Benzoin and Kadzido make the composition acquire a gstic aroma. These fragrance notes are ideal for women who love a claw perfume.

However, this is still sister S and although better polished, it's still fabulously positive. Vanilla and blackcurrant will not let her sink in the classic.

SPord of all versions S, this one is the most intense and remains the most. I love it that he really attracts and makes you want to hug the people who is wearing her.

S Night Light (2023)

- VITE LIMITED Edition -

Limited edition S and S Intense

The summary of 2023 was the Night Light edition with two fragrances - S and S Intense.

Both are placed in classic bottles, which adorns the Zocist inscription S designed on the increase in the village left by the world.

The inspiration was a winter night, when in the winds of street lamps we can admire the sparking of the flaws of the disagreement and the magic of vitative decorations.

Compositions with additional portion of vanilla

S Night Light is the smell of modern feminine. Fruit chip from the first version of the intensity of individual fragrances.

The smell of vanilla and ry is the most noticeable here, and the characteristic note of blackcurrant flicker in the background.

S Intense Night Light is an evening and more gstal interpretation of the intense version. Just like in S Night Light, also Singense Night Light has a lot of vanilla and fish, but here, the intense Ambroxan was also under the fragrance base.

S Passione (2023)

A passionate bottle in red

The bottle is passed in the whole collection of fiery and nastry shade of red.

I love this fragrance - not only because of the bottle design, but with surprising compositions that gives me a bit of yourself.

There is what makes him capture the world with him.

Bright smell of fruit and spices

I have never been a fan of fruit perfume, but a start of pineapple, pear and blackcurrant in the passion creates a really beautiful smell.

The composition opens with notes of ditch pepper, pear and blackcurrant. The game is made of bitter grapefruit, which gives the fragrance an unexpected ruff.

Heart notes blooms with a large passion - in the role of appearing Ra and Jamin. Unexpectedly, pineapple will sneak here - very juicy and very soda.

The smell is caught by the notes of cedar, patchouli and fluffy vanilla. This is the perfect composition for the summer. (Read reviews and opinions about S pass )

S Sono IO (2023)

S Sono IO - S is Mn

These limited perfumes are enclosed in a classic bottle that resembles the first version. In addition, they were decorated with inscriptions, which are a kind of manifesto.

The "s declaration is changes, s is a choice, s is a mn" in three fires - on wax, French and English - appearances really against the background of peach perfumes with performed particles.

Like all, the perfumes are better to work out for great outputs and holidays, not for what.

Slightly more vanilla and ry

Sono Io is very similar to the classic S. It is still a juicy essence of blackcurrant, which meets with a rich chype and light wood in the base.

However, once again it was decided to strengthen the notes of vanilla and ry. However, these are only small nuances that come to confuse after kidnapping both fragrances on the wrists.

S Rose Signature II (2023)

Rose signature in the next right

The first edition of Rose Signature is enjoyed by popularity, so fans of the wound composition were delighted when the smell appears again.

This time the insert is better quality and is not wrapped in the bottle. It hangs on the neck, supporting the baking in place.

The sparkling smell of the fruit in a wounded garden

If it's about the composition itself, it is nothing from the previous S rose signature from 2023.

The opening of the composition is Byszczka and you have due to citrus and juicy blackcurrant.

After a few minutes, there are notes of Turkish and May. Fabulously lush, allow you to make a raw rosy on flaps.

When the projection heads towards the blanket, S rose signature becomes warmer, a bit soda and more creamy.

This is the perfect perfume for Ka Mioniczka R.

S Hair Mist (2023)

A fog for a classic scent s

This fog for the wax leaves the smell of mikki notes of blackcurrant, vanilla, patchouli and ry. Dominally, he reproduces the smell of the first version S.

Wearing perfumes on the wales is a good idea because they are always moving. In addition, their slightly oily, porous structure maintains the smell perfectly and provides a ducalway effect.

Unfortunately, the high contained alcohol in normal perfumes destroys waxes and can cause color.

The fog to the S is enriched with natural lipsticks and contains less alcohol than traditional perfumes. Therefore, if you want to wear are on your wales, it is a much better solution.

S Limited Edition (2023)

- VITE LIMITED Edition -

Before the Witami of Holy Birth in 2023, Giorgio Armani will present the limited versions of the best -selling fragrances as part of Armani Box - S Passione and Classic S.

Forming collector's bottles, the vortex of a gloss, which leaves the permanent glow on the Skra.

I admit that I usually avoid a perfume with a bican effect, but it is I impressed me. The particles spread on the Skra firmly and do not get dirty.

S Fiori (2023)

A beautiful and free woman s fiori

For the last edition of the line - S Fiori - Ambassador of the Cate Blanchett perfume in the role of a common seeker.

He asks "what can you become, if you say S?"

In an instant he falls on the back of a parachute, at other times he goes shopping in an evening dress ...

We say: a woman S is not a stationary toe. Express a spectrum of emotions: joy, interference, excitement, pass, risk, frivolno. And of course Mio! "

Armani s Fiori smells of vanilla powders

Extra -Eau de Parfum is that great or notes with a timeless beauty. He combines the classic modern blackcurrant.

Already the original is a proposed detachment from classic chyprovite fragrances, and S Fiori goes a step further and completely forgets about it.

A light mixture of fruit notes opens, so that it sinks in the vanilla kpiela immediately after that, which further emphasizes the soap pimo and neroli.

For all fans of delicate powder chords, they will feel caresses. (Read reviews and opinions about S Fiori )

The Armani Fashion House for years Mr. Mskie smells, and acqua di Gio. And until suddenly the perfume for women armani s them, which turns out to be an absolute bestseller.

All types are seduced and surprise the bravado. The whole fragrance line is the essence of elegance and charisma. Mona will say that he presents us with all the faces of feminine in wax style.

I am convinced, you will find your favorite offer.

If you want to buy s as a gift, in perfumeries you will find gift sets that contain perfumes and cosmetics for pilgnation.

If you have a experience with Giorgio Armani Si, share your opinion in the commentary.