Armani s passed fragrance notes

ditches pepper, pear, blackcurrant, grapefruit

Heart note
Ra, Jamin, Heliotrop, Pineapple

Base note
cedar, vanilla, amber tree, patchouli

Armani S women's perfumes are another flanker of the S line. It is the most and the most juicy of all so far.

The first perfumes are created in 2013. They would be a change of mystery and excitement that surrounds the aura of luxury and sophistication.

S is a mj hod for the common feminine - said Giorgio Armani. There is an irresistible mixture of the stone, siy and independence .

Thanks to the wax brand, the next interpretation of this romant fragrance will decide, and will also give it a slim and summer character.

S passed seduces and conquers the hearts of women. He puts on the color of a beautiful, expressive red. You may expect that the saturation of this composition will be also intense.

What does the Armani smell of perfumed water?

For me, this armani s passed smells like a vase with fruit placed next to a vase with flowers. You will find a soda, pleasant bitterness, GBI and summer trials. If it was over, the composition could be considered childish. However, during the projection there are fragrance notes of flowers, vanilla, which makes us sense the pleasant wind of the orient. It's a very pleasant fruity- floral smell. It focuses on the scent notes, which is placed on a warm base.

Gesture notes

The opening is fruity and very attractive. In the opening, it develops to the rhythm of the fiery note of the pepper, the soda pear and the black currant. The most pleasure gives me a juicy note of pineapple, which I associate as an other one with summer.

Heart notes

The composition becomes floral in the heart. From the caddles, he loses its fruity character for a more standard fruit-floral fragrance. It is sodki, a bit creamy-construction from vanilla and heliotrope.

Ra is not too intense and fits well with the rest of the composition. It does not resemble the smell of Gboky Red Ry. The more time it dries, the more Ra and the pear take the central place as the main notes.

Base notes

In the S Passione base, he retains the same type of dynamics, but it starts acquiring a bit of soap or a pim-pimolon finish. Spriona is covered with everything thick layers of warm and fluffy vanilla. I feel the packet. Last breath is a surprising pleasant wood chord.

Armani s passed opinions: impressions after tests

I love red and I regret that I am not in her face. Replace it with red perfumes - from cherry, blueberries, ditched pepper, possibly raspberries and such a composition of the composition I expect.

I was confusing that the smell will be the boundaries and intense. I focus on the amount of patchouli, vanilla and it can like a gourmand soda.

And here, none of this, because the perfumes are not ciché or stubborn.

In my opinion, it is a very radiant fragrance that brings out fruit notes, warmed up by the summer soce of jamin and vanilla puddings.

I think that many critical opinions about this smell are a matter of disappointment, because this gboka red and manifesto of any sense simply do not match it.

Besides, it is a really pleasant smell and I am not surprised at all his great success.

It stays on the Skra for about 6 hours and is medium intense. These are the perfect parameters for spring and summer, especially when you decide to do these perfumes for work.

Armani's carmine bottle

This peen power of red compact presents many paradoxes. It is a symbol of myiocs and anger, vitoci and unauthorized passion.

The essence hides red schools closed in another block of transparent sick. She looks a bit like a giant nail polish. The bottle of the bottle remains basically the same, but its fascinating color makes you want to discover what he is hiding.

The black cork looks like a gem. His licer Czer and Zoty Piercie make that the bottle looks like a day of art or modern sculpture.

Advertising is passed

The Ambassador of the S, Cate Blanchett line appears in the advertisement. They must admit that her blonde wales and the irresistible charm are no longer lined with Mark.

Her post presents various faces of a modern woman. The actress to reveal that e s is more than S. is a surprise, touch, changes. S is passion.

Caoci is accompanied by the Dwikuków Hyphen Hyphen Closer to You, used earlier in the advertisement of the last version of Smani.

I think that this composition was actually a big surprise for many of us. Her summer character corresponds well with the spontaneous character of the main heroine of the advertisement.

Is it worth buying Armani S passed?

Fans of the first S probably will be disappointed when discover that Passion does not have such a rich aroma. Although there is still a lot of blackcurrant and ry, the role of patchouli and vanilla.

If you like the concept, but it is intensely too ripe for you, passed by a viet alternative, because it is much subtler.

The composition can be associated with fruit soap, shampoo or shower element. This roller Ywioowo will work for the opportunity.

S passed is a very feminine smell that will be perfect in the summer. Although he likes Paczulow GBI S EDP, I like the version. I think that many women share my feelings.

If you are looking for interesting perfumes for warm days, s will be a suitable smell for you.