green mandarin, blackcurrant

Heart note
neroli, dbowy moss, patchouli, ra

Base note
Vanilla, Biae Pimo

The new Women's Perfumes Armani S Fiori is one of the best editions from the S Line.

Giorgio Armani S Fiori transfers our senses to the Rzdziemorian garden. Soca rays have watered flowers in it and make their smell even more intense. The light wind carries the delicate smell of the chype.

Sodka and powder reinterpretation of the original, reflects the pikno developing flower. There is a declaration of a woman who has to live, to mioci, to free.

Fiori is a composition for all women who want to expose their delicate nature in the center of urban chaos. Porad glass wingers grow a beautiful flower, peen romanticism and soda.

How does the perfumed water of Armani S Fiori smell?

This great smell closed in a milky-rown bottle is composed by Julie Masse. Write in it various chords: romantic ZR, sodki from neroli and a sensual with Pim and Paczul.

You will find this acidic smell of blackcurrant, as well as tasty fragrance notes of vanilla and dbowy moss.

S Fiori opens the dynamic fruit of the fruit, for which blackcurrant and green mandarin .

In the heart, the smell of ry and neroli - essential oil from a bitter flower will be erased, which is wreaking in the region of the rust sea. In turn, patchouli and dbowy moss add the smell of the larger GBI.

The fragrance base is more important and more seductive. or vanilla with white pim.

The harmoniously mixed fragrance notes create a pleasant, modern smell that is well worn.

Armani s Fiori reviews: impressions after tests

Perfumed water S Fiori has an elegant smell, which resembles the first edition from the S. fragrance line. Winding will work during spring. Two psiknicia is enough for all.

I believe that this smell is suitable for the day and for the evening, because it is unpretentious, it adds yourself and makes us feel good.

It is not very strong and it smells sodko on my Skra. A real caress that will never cite people in the environment.

On my Skra, a note of vanilla expresses the most, which makes it take on a little milk aroma that I just love.

In my opinion, the flower will be afraid adds a little soda to the fragrance, but it is a kind of soda that does not cause boring, as in other sodium fragrances, which are on top lately.

Armani s Fiori in a new bottle

The bottle looks drunk. It looks similar to the remaining scent lines, only a kind of sieve from them.

I associate its pale color with a flower of fish immersed in milk. And this is such a fragrance: the flowers themselves, romanticism, and the power of tender.

On the screen, the natural elegance of the fragrance has the face of the actress Cate Blanchett, a line ambassador since 2013. The story of the amazing adventure of the heroine begins with the question: "What if if he would say yes?"

Is it worth buying Giorgio Armani S Fiori Edp?

This fragrance completely conquers my heart. I like his soda note of heart in the form of a flower will be scaled and sensitive, milk notes of the base.

The composition is divinely and so firm that it is eager to immerse in this smell. Despite my vanilla soder, I overwhelm over floral notes, I admit that I love this smell so much.

When I am wearing it, I always feel more confident, I will say that even more attractive.

The perfumed water is fiori will be caught for all those who love bright, sonic fragrances.

In my opinion, it is really worth buying this perfume . They are much more interesting than all previous perfumes from the S line, headed by a very popular s passed.