The flower will be afraid, mandarin, bergamot, lemon

Heart note
Jamin, Heliotrrop, Lily of the Lily of the Lesson, Cardamon, Cinnamon

Base note
zander, bb tonka, patchouli, vanilla

Citruses, spices and soda vanilla: Mskiego Joop perfumes! Homme, please eat them.

Although Joop! Homme contains obvious lipsticks - fragrance notes like a mantra repeated in new compositions, in reality it is overwhelming, unusual and provinces perfume, which is already 29 years old! However, do you still fit into modern mocz?

Joop! Homme - a guy in Ru. Confident and passing taboos. In the gray post -communist Poland, the recipients will not appeal immediately. At the world, it turned out to be a shot in a ten. Spectacular success will make ES available on the market today.

Although still so many supporters, as opponents, in some matter, gain a huge favor of the recipients - s available at a surprising low price. We are on my lithium luxury perfume up to 150 zotych.

How smells like toilet water Joop! Homme?

Bouquet open citruses: lemon, bergamot and mandarin. It's a sodko-warpie, right? - Not in the case of Joop perfume! Homme.

Here, a huge dose of soda immediately strikes. Sodiums, which in any other smell, have never been taken into such a quantity from the flower. After a quarter of an hour, it gets even more interesting.

The army of other, very intense chords is in the heart: floral: Jamin, Heliotrope and Lily of the Lily of the Lily of the Line and spice: cardamom and cinnamon. I am primarily a heliotrope.

Michel Almairac - the author of the fragrance - to bring out his vanilla and vulnerable aroma from this flower. Extremely intense and beautiful. Here in a soda version A scratching in the throat.

Added to this is cinnamon and cardamom, which is also intensively. Cardamom adds a strange lemon aroma. At some point in the projection, my beloved vanilla appears. In the company of other soda, he is quietly playing in the background, he does not break in the foreground.

The base is simply an impact. I really don't know if the soda level in perfumes can be used. The last breath of the smell still cinnamon and almid, and the patchouli adds a humid character.

A hot summer Joop! It could be dangerous for life.

Joop! Homme reviews: Is it worth buying this perfume?

Perfumes Mkskie Joop to Zupene opposite Koloskie and Cyprzka fragrances - for example, Hugo Boss Bottled. It is extremely soda and very characteristic.

This is cautious for unusual moczes who want to release the super popular of super popular 1 Million. Both fragrances go in the same sodium direction, with this, this Joop! It is more ambitious and more interesting from this duo.

The low price of these perfumes should be a sufficient reason for the test. This is a great opportunity to meet himself in a different right - unconventional and rebellious. I recommend them to ladies. Certainly also will find a group of admirers.

Contrary to appearances, an elegant smell. I think that you will like the Mocznom, not Chopcom more.