Galbanum, Li blackcurrant

Heart note
Chiseki honeysuckle, pki jamin, tuberose

Base note
zander tree, pimo

Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori toilet water was built on the basis of the previous flanky with the addition of the fragrance note of green galbanum and delicate blackcurrant leafies.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori presents a new chapter in the Bloom line. "It's a beautiful innocence." Although the previous version is much better, Acqua di Fiori promises to be well.

If I had the "zot er" of the Gucci fragrance line, I will targeted in the years 1997-2004, when at the helm by Tom Ford. After his departure, the brand's direction is responsible for the PG corporate syndrome. It caused that Gucci's perfumes are safe and massive. Thanks to Gucci, he returns to being old, good Guccim, and the new creative director - Alessandro Michele - is just as involved in creating fashion and smell.

"I wanted very rich perfumes of vaicted white. The dedisted smell, which resembles a huge gut of peen flowers and rolls, a huge bouquet of white and greenery" - this is the owl of Alessandro Michele, when in 2024 the perfumed water of Gucci Bloom was created. This is only one thing - we are facing a fragrance! Read the review and see what the smell is!

Fragrance notes: How does Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori smell?

The composition of Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori is another reverse from the series that the perfumer Alberto Morillas signs. Perfumes keep the characteristic DNA of the previous version, giving it more yaws, village and energetic character.

It is a very green, somewhat surprising smell, which can be tart moments after applying , and it becomes cozy later. As a result, it is very ruling and peen joy of life - especially in a wild, green version.

Falted fragrance notes are very much and is associated with a wild boar. This effect has been shared by wild galbanum and blackcurrant lici.

I admit that this is my favorite part of the projection, which gives me a lot of pleasure.

The heart chords are already large to the first Bloom. Explore feminine for the help of trio tuberose , Jamin and Chiski honeysuckle .

Flowers have a creamy, wrapping character and create an interesting combination from the beginning bitterness.

There is a certain watery country here, which gives flowers delicate and space. However, I have the impression that it is more chemical than in Bloom.

When Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori gradually gains GBI, from the floral patkw gently pimo and zander tree . This is not the best base when I go.

In fact, the fact that he lasts close to Skra is a big plus, because I will not want to be more intense.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

The new version of Bloom retains a spicy and floral notes of its older sister, but by introducing roller chords, she is hung from her.

The advertising campaign presents three friends who invite us to talk to the waved gravity of the house of the house, then accompanies them in the ruling in the lake. The advertisement shows slightly, joy and simplicity.

The new fragrance fits in perfectly with this description. He is spatial and unforced.

It will be an ideal addition to spring and summer stylizations , and if you like grassy, ​​green fragrances during niche temperatures, Acqua di Fiori you can also accompany you during warm autumn days.

The composition is so delicate that you can decide on all occasions: taking in the garden, meetings with friends, as well as to work.

However, I do not recommend it for evening outing, especially the more elegant ones. She will like women of each age.

In terms of duration and projections, the smell is large more delicate than the first version of Bloom. It stays on a Skra just over 5 hours , which is not the best result even for toilet water.

Postal chords can be felt by the distance of the size, but after the time of less than an hour, the smell lasts close to the Skra.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori toilet water: is this the right smell for you?

Lifting a spirits and female perfumes show a beautiful innocence. S light, green and match the occasion.

Personally, the first version of Bloom definitely will, for the natural and fantastic mixing of fragrance notes.

Acqua di Fiori is less refined, more chemical, but it is still a good smell. Certainly the release of the earlier perfumes of this brand and other premieres from 2024.

The composition is universal and fits all women without age and occupation. It can be given as a gift and this will definitely be a successful gift.

If you are wondering if the Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori toilet water will be the right smell for you, you will find the below:

Yes - if you like a starting of flowers from green, if you are looking for a perfume on a daily basis that you can also work to work, if you prefer calm compositions that do not cign for the tail, if you want to smell like spring joy.

No - if you like the smells, if you are looking for perfumes for auto and winter.

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