grapefruit, ogrek, magnolia

Heart note
tuberose, ra, lily of the valley, fioek, green apple

Base note
woody notes, amber and zander tree

Donna Karan Dkny Be Delicious Strongly fit into the joint pop cultures. Read reviews about these perfumes and check 7 things that you don't know about this smell yet.

Perfumed water Dkny Be Delicious is the quintessence of New York. Perfectly reflects the character of this great metropolis. A city that never drinks, which amazes and loose. Being a New Yorker means more than the most wealth here.

Why, known in our country under a charming nickname, the green jabuszko perfumes are conquered by the hearts of women? In my opinion, their secret is in a light, unobtrusive character. This is a bright and energetic smell that goes with everything, but these references from the tum of other perfumes.

Donna Karan said: "For DKNY Be Delicious Pikno is souls, internal splendor and Energa, which you see in the style of women on the streets. They live on the run, and emanating with life. Inspire yourself with the colors and face of the city that love".

The fragrance description: How does the perfumed water smell like a Dkny Be Delicious?

Women's perfumes Dkny Be Delicious Fresings and Purely, for which the fragrance notes of the garden and grapefruit and a delicate note of magnolia are responsible. Although it is perfumed water, it does not have a strong smell and does not cite. It is perfect for warm days when you are looking for a smell that she visits and improves mood.

The opening of the composition is the tart grapefruit, Gsta Magnolia and the very ruling Ogrek. This trio reminds me of my first days of spring. When the time comes after a long winter, when nature breaks out, but you do not know if it will leave a jacket at home or take it.

From the beginning there is also a current tuberose - called the festival of perfumery. And although I am not her great fan, I can appreciate her fragrances.

In the heart only tuberoz, there is neither ry or even lily of the valley. Only this dried and forgotten tuberose. Theoretically, wood chords should appear in the base, but I do not notice anything like that. The base is powder, it has the smell of what is commonly considered dusty pimo.

I will not determine these perfumes as perfumery tailored to the century, but he has huge cunning of optimism and good energy. It is no wonder that May millions of loyal fans - the apple was presented here in a very interesting way.

And although the most interesting element of DKNY Be Delicious's perfume is their beginning, in the wellness it is a very pleasant smell.

Let's not forget those with a beautiful bottle. Donna Karan would not be the first to close the perfume in the bottle in the shape of an apple. Almost 10 years before her on the market, Lolita Lempicka. However, both fragrances are divided by a passage, which has this expression in the design of the bottles.

While Idyll Lolita Lempicka is represented by a fairy -tale purple bottle, DKNY BE DELICIOUS ST.

7 things you don't know about DKNY Be Delicious

#1 Be Delicious Was established as a city of Zoons. Pay the bottle and the subject of the chairman to the colloquial name New York: The Big Apple.

#2 is also an appeal to an apple from paradise, which Ewa Kusia Adam. In this way, New Yorkers in this way tumacz etymology of the nickname of their city.

#3 Martin Katza W Cooperation with Opulent Perfumes will create a bottle for DKNY Golden Delicious. The perfume is sold for $ 1 million. The bottle is decorated with diamonds and sapphires. The stones are in the panoramas of New York.

#4 Only on the manufacturer's official website, one Be Delicious bottle is sold every two minutes.

#5 is one of the most popular summer fragrances in women in Poland - if you are thinking about buying, you must know that millions of other women will smell before it smells.

#6 Since 2024, Esteee Lauder is the distributor of the DKNY perfume - another manufacturer's name will appear on the new bottles.

#7 is one of the most often counterfeit fragrances. Always buy perfumes from a trusted RDA, not from random sellers. Fake perfumes are dangerous to your health. Made of hazardous substances, it comes to your body through the skr. Remember that if you buy anything online, you have the right to return the intact product for a period of 14 days from the date of purchase - without giving a reason and without removal.

DKNY BE DELICIOUS Opinions: Is it worth buying this women's perfumes?

Be Delicious S perfumes MIMKI and Clean. In my opinion, this fragrance is universal. Suitable for teenagers and more mature women. The first ones will have fun with having original perfumes, the second perfect position for which during the warm seasons.

Take their summer character to take into account, decently stay on the Skra. It's the perfect fragrance in spring and summer. It will work at evening meetings with friends in the garden, trays by bonfires and throwing coins to fountains while visiting new cities.

However, they have to admit that I understand and I share the opinions myself that it smells a bit like apple shampoo.

However, without my opinion, I recommend asking this fragrance to everyone. This is one of the most important compositions arose after 2000, which is why it is really worth the test. Perfumes are available at a wind price. On Notino you will find Be Delicious with a capacity of 100 milliliters for less than 150 zotych.