Davidoff Cool Water Woman Fragrance notes

pineapple, quince, blackcurrant, lily, melon, lemon, lotus flower, inch

Heart note
mid, gg, jamin, water lily, lily of the valley, lotus flower, Ra

Base note
Jeyna, Fioca bark, zander tree, pimo, raspberry, vanilla, peach, vetocy

Although the women's perfumes Davidoff Cool Water Woman are created over 20 years ago, still delight. A review of this fragrance was great for me.

Did you know that Davidoff's invader would be born in 1906 in Kiev Zino Davidoff?

The brand deals with the product and sell tobacco products: cigarettes, tobacco, cigars and coffee, cognac, glasses, watches, duhars and piries, as well as stone products and perfumes.

The author of the Cool Water Woman is the great Pierre Bourdon, which will create these perfumes of Mskie brand Davidoff - Cool Water for Men. The Christian Dior, who is known to everyone, is the French perfumer, most often creates a niche perfume.

How does the Cool Water Woman toilet water smell?

As to the fact that Cool Water is a cunning towards a water ywiou, there is no interplicity. The ozon chord is present here from the very opening to the last fragrances. Sometimes it takes the forms of a calm lake, an exploded ocean and even a chlorinated pool.

The opening of the composition is bomb fruit. GWN Melon's notes are . It reminds me of my beloved smell of childhood - Sunflowers from Elizabeth Arden. After a fester analysis you will also find fragrance notes of acidic lemon, as well as a light smell of soda pineapple.

Although there is a blackcurrant in the list, do not expect soda as in Lansome La Vie Est Belle or SI by Giorgio Armani.

The opening is drums and sometimes makes the impression of too much. It can even seem that the composition is heading towards Unisex and even the MSKA version.

This impression is slowly changing when the fruit soda begins accompaniment .

Lotos flower and water lily are very expressive here. Sometimes you get the impression that more remind you of cleaning detergents, nor natural flowers.

All for all, which is responsible for a slightly chemical composition. After all, in the case of Cool Water, chemical is not an accusation. It is what adds character and uniqueness. In addition, during unearthly, the feeling of sadistic cleaning is a big plus.

Interestingly, vanilla was supposedly placed in the fragrance base. And although on my Skra, she always dominates over other countries, in this case it remains imperceptible.

However, the smell of Pima appears in the foreground. And with him, these other soda stick to my Skra: forest fruits.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Reviews: Is this perfidious women's perfumes? What occasions do you fit?

This is one of those fragrances that is suitable for each. There is no shadow of care, seriousness and elegance, so without how old you are, this toilet water will be right for you.

It was created from my mistakes about the warm seasons - spring and summer . If you go on vacation, don't forget her to take it.

The composition is not one of the most sophisticated - in the contrary, it perfectly fits into the canon of light fragrances for what.

I will not choose her for the evening and I will not get her to work. I do not recommend you, if you take a long time and take part in official meetings.

A big plus Cool Water Woman is permanent - long stays on the Skra . On mine would be noticeable after 6 hours after application. If you apply him to clothes, it will smell for two days. It is a caki not to take into account that other toilet waters escape after 4 hours.

The projection is moderate. For the first hour, the smell will be noticeable at the arms, it becomes more and more close.

Is it worth buying Davidoff Cool Water Woman?

Almost all toilet waters, which will interpret the water in a similar way like cool water woman , too tropical, and thus having and cheap. This composition is perfectly listed. It has the right amount of soca, water and everyday elegance.

Although the period is the time when my favorite smell was still his large fan. In my opinion, it's worth buying a cool water woman. This is a good perfume available at a low price.

If you like radiant, very feminine fragrances and a fruit start with flowers, these women's perfumes will be faithfully accompanied by spring and summer.