Muskaatowo, Kadzido, Gin, Black Pepper, Guatemalan cardamom

Heart note
Cyclamen, cocoa bean, pepper, velvet, pecan

Base note
woody notes, patchouli, amber

In my opinion, the perfumes of Mskie Bruno Banani Magic Man are the most chard smell of this brand. Stretch and intensive, it can stay on a Skra 8-9 hours.

Couple with the last experience with the Celebrity collection, I decide to look at PCE with cheap perfumes and will give a chance to also Bruno Banani Magic Man. It turned out that I have a good pass - it's an interesting smell!

A magical, aromatic fragrance for confident mocz, who do not treat yourself too much. Magic Man is a perfume by Bruno Banani introduced in 2008. May the task is to add charm, charisma and Mszkiego Sexuality.

How does Bruno Banani Magic Man smell like?

The gow of the smell is notes of spicy cardamom, then cocoa is felt, and the animal of the smell is a wood chord. Magic Man from Bruno Banani will be a perfect companion in any situation.

Gesture notes

The hint note is cardamom, gin, muscato, pepper and incense. I admit that the first minutes do not remind me of the soup of anything on this list, but after a while it starts doing really nice.

As a great fan of gin served with cardamom, I admit that I do not sense it on my Skra. I find information about the existence of this note in the list on the Fragrantica portal, but in the pyramid from the official Bruno Banani website there is no longer.

After all, I believe that it is worth mentioning, because under the thick layers of cardamom, I will smell the self (which may be interpreted as gin).

They can't find these Kudzida, and I am after a few days of LoEwe 7 tests, so MJ is sensitive to balsamic-yew chords.

Heart notes

A note of heart surprises the presence of cocoa grain and I admit that it makes a lot of impression on me. I was thinking that I would give a whole character and this sport-elegant country will disappear.

Nothing like that happened, because the smell remains energetic and wrapping. Give a lot of plus for an unobvious solution.

Base notes

Further perfumes are having. The note of the base was led without an idea . There are no patchouli here (and I wait for Ni), there is no ambry. It is wooden for what. Be glad that nobody sits to make these woods as a name. For me, this composition is wandering in my heart.

Bruno Banani Magic Man reviews: Who was she created for? What occasions does it fit?

This fragrance is intended for fashion chopaks and moczes, who are just starting to start his fragrance. And if you belong to one of these two groups, this is a great choice for you.

Wild spices This toilet water works perfectly well. The aroma of pure laundry makes it emergency warts in spring and summer . This is amazing universal composition - you can use it for what and for the evening.

Magic Man is a good work perfume or school. It is unobtrusive and very safe. Even if you need to be a fragrance, this perfume will bother anyone. On the contrary, often completed.

The biggest downside is the poor smell. On my Skra, only 4-5 hours lasts, on the Skra of my Chopak I only confirm this result.

Toilet waters for moczes usually last about 8-9 hours. What time did I test the smell from the same price range - The Only Brave by Diesel - and on Osign better result.

Initially it seems intense and even tilts for a light tail, but it takes only p. Hours later it is noticeable with close distance - his projection is very aident.

Kocowa opinion: Is Magic Man toilet water the right smell for you?

I rate Magic Man really high. Certainly, they are not a perfumery art, but you appear against the background of your price. Rather, you will not find anything revolutionary, but in the 12-18 age range you do not have to be interested in fragrances.

I am looking for this perfume, so you can be a good idea for a non -boring gift. If, however, you are looking for a perfume for yourself, I will use a proven method that will help you check if Magic Man is actually a good choice.

Yes - if you like you, spicy perfumes with cardamom (for example Calvin Klein - Truth for Men and Hugo Boss - Boss Soul). If you are looking for a neutral fragrance that will be grated for the opportunity. If you want a good perfume for a small prices. If you like it to be completed (girls really love magic man).

No - if you are looking for unique, characteristic perfumes that will let you come out of your tum. If you are interested in niche perfumes and you confuse that these perfumes are Pereka at the Adidas Active Bodies level (no). If you are looking for sodium perfumes with cardamom (like Calvin Klein Obsession Night for Men).

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