lemon, ginger, lavender and myth

Heart note
Guatemalan cardamom, Jaowiec, Green Jabko and Geranium

Base note
Haitaska vetocy, tonka beans and amber tree

Aromatic and many chords and the unusual thing was that Azzaro Wanted for Men would be one of the better fragrances for the Mocz in 2023.

However, do not think that Azzaro Wanted is the perfect fragrance - on the souls the met, it turns out to be predictable and even a bit boring.

While the opening in the opinion of many OSB is really interesting, the database mainly collects negative assessments.

He often met with kidnapping to Paco Rabanne Invictus - the similarity does not only apply to the kitschy bottle, but also the same composition.

How does Azzaro Wanted smell?

At the beginning it should be noted that Prno is looking for individual notes here. Everything is mixed, so it is difficult to separate individual components.

Nevertheless, it is always worth Prbowa. Due to the fact that MJ Chopak had souls adventure with this smell, I had the opportunity to wake up a bit more quiet.

The guy is indisputably citrus, but from the very beginning it appears with the sharp end of ginger .

I like the lemon giving up - it is sonic and does not cite during the soul use.

I feel this myth on my Skra, but it is not the strongest pages of Wanted. It reminds me of TZ Eros from Versace .

Interestingly, there is not even a counter on the Skra of my Chopak. The opening lasts for about 10-15 minutes.

In the heart, the smell of lemon dishes, and in its place aromatic Guatemalan cardamom, geranium, green apple from Hugo Boss Bottled and notes of unidentified conifer.

A self is given in the list, but I will believe it.

The heart of the fragrance still remains river, but not as light as opening. All because after more than 30 minutes from the application, intense tonka beans appear. Wanted wildly takes on some seriousness and mysterious aura.

Unfortunately, he is pleased with the heart. In the base you will be bombed with synthetic woods, which remind you of dusty sawdust on my grandmother's attic.

This effect has been a wildly wild a mysterious chord called Amber Tree. Although the name is in the imagination of the consumer, it smells like in fact.

Azzaro wanted toilet water reviews

If you like gone fragrances that can pay attention to yourself, Wanted for Men Azzaro is the answers to your expectations.

It works perfectly during the evening appointments to the city and of course he looks great in clubs. It smells just as well from a few meters away as closely.

The only drawback is the adventure to Invictus - sodium and somewhat wood -lean fragrances, it turns out to be a strong trend and Azzaro derives from this success with pencils.

Kidnaping both smells on the wrist, sometimes they have a growing away from each other.

Like Invictus, it aims at Modych Moczni. From the fact that Azzaro is more mature . Everything wild beans tonce, which gives a little dark character.

For me, this toilet water is a tenth of a gift. I don't think you can find a more liked smell. It doesn't surprise me at all, because Wanted is really a very pleasant composition.

Azzaro lasts at the same price as Invictus. From the fact that his permanent is duo, heavier.

Is it worth buying Azzaro Wanted Edt?

Yes, if you like sodium fragrances in the style of Paco Rabanne One Million or Invictus or spicy like Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men.

If you value universal and are looking for a perfume for what, to work and for evening outing. If you like popular perfumes and you want wild before it breaks out of the tum.

Azzaro Wanted will not be suitable for you, you will be the right thing for you, and you are interested in niche perfumes. If you are looking for unique, unique fragrances that are not safe and atwe.

If you are looking for a perfume with a tail or you are interested in perfumed water. If you are looking for an elegant fragrance for official meetings or important celebrations.

Add Wasn Recens! Do you have a science with Azzaro Wanted Edt? Add your comment and share your opinion.