Aldehydes, lavender, green notes, li blackcurrants, cumin, lemon

Heart note
zander tree, freesia, cedar, ra, pine igy

Base note
Labdanum, BB Tonka, Ambra, Pimo, Dbowy, Styraks

The perfume of Mkskie Adidas Active Bodies is the legend of the 90s and the dream of many Moczes at that time. Despite the uptake of years, the smell is moving the second modo and the unusual popularity is enjoyed.

During its premiere in 1990, it was a revelation on Polish streets - and then it was not a luxury of having original perfumes.

Despite the uptake for over 30 years (!) Since the premiere in terms of Adidas Active Bodies, reviews remain unchanged - this is a charming Ajdak, who really likes.

By the way, it is worth mentioning a different smell, which at the same time would be crazy - Hugo Boss Bottled, otherwise known as gray.

And again an interesting issue of naming arises. Bottled and Active Bodies were so popular that our society would give them Polish names.

In the history of commercial perfumes on the Polish market it is difficult to search for other popular items as the gray boss and black adidas.

How does Adidas Active Bodies smell?

Adidas Active Bodies is an output fragrance, they don't have to convince anyone - every time he had contact with him and knows his power.

Some components were used here, which move away from the concepts of classic fern perfumes, wildly cao seems modern and fashion, but at the same time elegant and classic.

It is amazing that their reflections do not change despite the fat.

The opening of the composition is sharp. Zione aromas are with the smell of the forest. Everything wilds in the nose and is out of green, sometimes even bitter.

After a few minutes, a characteristic lavender appears, which at the beginning seems a little caramel. The whole time remains surrounded by wood chords.

Apparently, aldehydes were used here, but if it really is so, they are not a retro style. Stay on the Skra very gently and they are responsible for the widrus, the first minutes after application.

The later projection brings out a very natural lavender and pine needle. No longer this innocent green chord - everything becomes more dark.

The ruling also senses dbowy and the first sounds of tonka bean. Pimo gives the animal a character, which in this case further emphasizes the real history.

The composition expires to calmly, but the base emphasizes balsamic on my Skra, but also an unrest of Styraks.

It has a very pleasant vanilla and somewhat incense aroma. Of course, the smell of the forest rises to the blanket itself, but this time it remains less intense.

Adidas Active Bodies reviews

This is undoubtedly an aroma and one of the few perfumes/toilet from the mass -available fern group.

As the only one, such a spectacular commercial success. Although, since the premiere, everything has changed, Adidas Active Bodies is still very popular.

Fern perfumes I associate with the smell of dark forest and sonic ki. SEFORE, because bring the association with the Chisk concept yin and yang.

In the where the classic fougere enters Tonka beans, vetiver, dbowy moss and patchouli - these components are responsible for GBI and the dark nature of the composition, i.e. Yin.

That is why you can expect a humid forest, which on the one hand is very aromatic, but also a bit dirty and earthy.

Certainly, the bellows respect and even fear. The ruling is displayed the smell of moss, self and all kinds of ywica.

Such dark chords must have the right counterweight, which is why the bright side of the composition appears - its Yang. I associate it with an open, hostile space of the clearing.

To achieve this effect, Kumaryn is most often used, which resembles hay, but also flowers: for example lavender and geraniums.

Is it worth buying Adidas Active Bodies?

He will really determine who it is addressed to.

Use the same guessing mode as the partner of the Fragrantica portal: The price of this water would look for it for good.

Just like you will close it in the bottle of another manufacturer. Why?

Because it would be more respected, more popular and more accessible. The users who put in the position of the dresis from the block of flats do not want to be associated with groups even through the smell.

Such confusion is obviously harmful. Not even because of the world -like, but it limits perfumery experiences.

If Kady choose Adidas Active Bodies, instead of, for example, super -compular Eros from Versace or Bleu de Chanel, the world smells better.

To end I will add only a few SW with parameters. Turbotrwao - during the test the smell stays on the Skra for over 12 hours.

Their projection is these surprising dua. You will be noticed (sensitive) even from a few meters away.

Fern perfumes are perfect for cold seasons, i.e. a perfect choice in early spring, autumn and winter.

This composition is popular with various age groups. He has his loyal fans who have been using it for 28 years and new users who are just discovering the world of perfumes.